Our Therapists

The massage therapists and estheticians that work at The Massage Garage are independent business professionals that have graduated from prestigious massage therapy schools, are certified by the State of California and are fully insured. They ensure that their loyal clients receive a unique and truly customized treatment each and every visit. They are all gifted, passionate and innovative about their work and all continue to explore their craft through workshops and programs in acupuncture, sports, medicine, physical therapy and healing arts. They are truly the heart and soul and fuel that keep The Massage Garage running.

The Massage Garage offers a unique environment for professional massage therapists and estheticians. Those who practice at The Massage Garage run their own business within our four walls, while having the option of renting our facility amenities and services. You have the freedom to establish your own schedule, set your own prices, provide your own supplies, choose your own clients and market and promote your business. Please call us if interested in this opportunity.