Our most popular therapeutic treatment, the Swedish Massage stimulates circulation, reduces muscle tension, and promotes total relaxation.

Shiatsu is an ancient eastern technique that targets pressure points throughout the body to reduce fatigue, restore balance and increase energy flow.

Through the use of body cushions and side-lying technique, this Pregnancy Massage ensures extra care and comfort during the expectant mother’s pregnancy after the first trimester.

A Deep Tissue treatment is designed to relieve seriously sore muscles. Powerful techniques are used to release chronic pain and tension, and increase the flexibility of sports-specific muscles.

Reflexology uses specific touch techniques on the hands, feet and ears which stimulate nerve endings that correspond with organs throughout the body. This treatment guarantees an ultimate level of calm and well being.

Administered on a massage table, this Thai Massage combines stretching and acupressure techniques to release blocked energy and increase flexibility.

Senior Citizens can enjoy $5 off every 60 minute treatment.
The Signature Massage
Full body Swedish massage
60 Minute     $70
90 Minute     $105

60 Minute Deep Tissue, Thai, Pregnancy, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Sports     $80
90 Minute     $120

60 Minute Hot Stone, Reiki     $90
90 Minute     $130

CBD Enhancement     $15 on any 60 minute massage, $20 on any 90 minute massage.

Quantum Healing Initial Consultation and Session With Cara Amenta     $150



Our massage and esthetician professionals are free to set their own rates. The above are the most commonly charged prices.